Over 25 years operating throughout middle Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky. Most of our customers are homeowners who have high quality furniture that they purchased years ago and want to maintain the overall condition of each piece. Many customers want to redecorate the entire interior of their home and want to change the finishes of their furniture to match.

Cedarberry has a long and enviable record of helping homeowers do a complete redecorating of their home from refinishing furniture to interior designs and original artwork. We have staff available to visit your home at your convenience to give you professional suggestions and reasonable estimates to achieve your restoration goals.

What Ever Happened to Furniture Made in the U.S.A?

When was the last time you visited your local furniture store and asked to see the furniture made in the United States?  Next time you shop for furniture ask the owner where are the displays of American Made furniture.  Try not be too shocked if there isn’t any furniture in the store made in the good old U.S.of A?  That’s why Grandma’s American made furniture is so valuable! There aren’t many such American furniture makers left. Another tip: watch out for American brand names on furniture that is made overseas. Finally, is there any more important reason for restoring your family’s furniture handed down from one generation to another?

Cedarberry can do it all just call us at 615 776 2529 or email us at cedarberry1@united.net.